Top 5 Tips to Fall & Stay Asleep!

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We all have been there getting ready to fall into a deep slumber, Your bed cozy and comfortable! Your body wrecked and tired form a long days work and you long for a nice 8-9 hours sleep. Tucking yourself in and saying goodnight and goodbye to a long day your head hits the pillow, all of a sudden your mind is tackling the next days endeavors and for next couple hours your mind is racing  with no finish. Have you been there?

Here are Fitness For You’s Top 5 Tips to Fall & Stay Asleep!

# 1 Ditch the Technology

Its hard I know we all want to check our email, scroll through Facebook (for hours), and like the latest photos on Instagram before hitting the sack. However doing this will keep you from falling asleep and staying asleep. The blue light from your Phone or Tablet ect stops your Melatonin from naturally firing in your brain. Witch will leave you tossing and turning all night! So ditch the Tech at lest an hour before you hit the hey!

# 2 Your Room Should Be a Comfy Cave

Lets get one thing straight everyone has had there room in which they dwell either messy , hot , cold , smelly , ect. NONE OF THAT WILL DO! The room/Bed you sleep in should be for two things, Hot Steamy Romance and calm cool slumber, thats it! anything more and we train our brain that the bed/room is for Studying , answering Emails and other stressful things. Your brain will associate bed with stress and that means Say “Bye Bye”  to your 8 hours of mindful sleep!

#3 Stop Eating Large Meals before Bed

Late night eating and snacking is an extremely common cork the many people have. the fact of the matter is who doesn’t want ice cream and tacos late at night while binge watching your favorite Netflix show? Is that just me? Doubt it! You know who you are! Eating this late can cause indigestion which will keep your Digestive system running for the next couple of hours and the result will be a restless night trying to figure out why you cant sleep and why you cant stop farting (dang Tacos). If you need something to hold you over during the night have a small protein filled snack, such as Greek yogurt, Cottage cheese,  ect.

#4 Get Ready To Chill Out

Too many people go 90 miles an hour right up until they hit the sack. Rushing to bed like this will have you swimming in the days stress all night! Prepare yourself for bed an hour or two before hand. Go to a darkly lit room read a book, listen to some calm music, wright in a journal (which is very beneficial). The fact of the matter is you need to calm your brain and body down before rest! This is going to help you fall asleep faster so chill out before bed!

#5 Supplementation

Last but not lest Supplementation. To make this abundantly clear this is not the be end all to help you sleep and should not be. Using these supplements on top of the tips stated above are clear cut strategy to fall asleep! Natural Products such as  Melatonin and L-Triptifan are proven to aide in healthy slumber (consult your Doctor before using any supplement). One of my personal favorites is called The Iron Dream for the Arnold Series, I enjoy this product tremendously for its ability to help me fall and stay sleeping.

All & all us humans need sleep to truly function, to grow and to stay healthy! These tips will give you what you need to combat your restless nights! You guys know the deal Love your body, Love your mind, and Love your Soul! Stay Happy!


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