Is CARDIO Really Effective????

We Have All Been There

  • Lady’s and Gentlemen lets face it, Both genders have a specific Relationship with the term Cardio, Or as i like to call it Cardiovascular Training. Now Lady’s does this sound familiar? You wake up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon ready to get your workout on, you jump in your car and off you go to your local Gym. Once there you scan in and take a “sharp” left (seemingly avoiding any form of testosterone in the area) and make your way to the Cardio section. In the Span of your 45 min indever you manage to hit the elliptical, the treadmill, and found time for the stair master! Just like that you are back at home getting ready for your day. Sounds Good Right? Bare with me and read on! Now Guys does this sound familiar? Its a Beautiful Saturday  and your ready to get your lift on! Chest? Back? Arms? Legs………How about them shoulders? you take your Pre workout and you are off to the gym. Once there you scan in and take a Sharp Right (completely ignoring the Cardio Bunny’s, or in some cases just being a creep half watching them) and you make your way to the free weight section. in the span of about 45 min your lifting indever is over and you are back at home. Sounds like a fine day right? Male & Female Seem to be in a divided world when it comes to training. 

Lets get one thing straight

  • For those of you who reside in the land of Cardio needs to understand this one thing. Cardio is great, but utilizing only cardiovascular training is the equivalent of building a house with just a hammer! (you need more tools) Running on the treadmill Day after Day will do one thing, and that’s make you a smaller version of yourself. some of you will say “WELL YEAH THAT’S WHAT I NEED” but understand you will not have the quot unquote “Muscle TONE” most women are looking for. Weight Training will help you build the muscle tone you are craving, and NO you will not get BIG AND BULKY you don’t have the hormones to do so. this approach will help you attain the Beach Body you are looking for! Now you men are probably thinking “Well that’s fine i don’t need to get smaller i just want to get huge”. Now let me explain something that will most likely blow your mind, the whole Building a house with a hammer Theory apples to you too. Cardiovascular training helps withblood circulation in the body witch will in turn, help you keep unwanted body fat off and help your body grow! Yes i said it grow! Your muscles need blood to grow! It caries Oxygen and nutrients all the good stuff you WANT and NEED!

 My Point

  •   You need an over all balance between Resistance training and Cardio vascular training , both are Great for creating the master piece which is your body. You cant build a great house by only utilizing one tool in the shed, and you cant build a great body with only one type of training.

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